Uberu, LLC. Purveyors of Fine Palm Pre Software.

Uberu, LLC, was lucky enough to get in on the early access program for the Palm Pre, and has a few bits of software in the works. Follow our Twitter to get announcements of our upcomming products.

We will also update this page as we push new applications to the app catalog.

blackout logo


A simple game where you try and turn out all of the lights.


For the Palm Pre. Find it in the app catalog now.


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UberPass generates strong, random passwords, allowing you to quickly secure systems.

UberPass aims to be a suite of tools for managing and securing information. The first release is a random password generator which allows you to generate passwords from 3-20 in length, with a choice of 3 sets of characters: letters, numbers, symbols. It also provides quick copying to the clipboard for use in other apps. Later versions will provide expanded functionality.


For the Palm Pre. Find it in the app catalog soon.



There are two ways to get support for UberPass:
  1. Visit UberPass Help
  2. Contact Us